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Cholla (Chain Fruit)

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The cholla skeleton, also known as Cholla wood, is the remains of the Chain Fruit Cholla cactus. After the cactus dies and loses its moisture, its wood skeleton is left behind. These skeletons are formed by the arms and main trunk of the cactus, creating unique and fascinating organic structures. Cholla skeletons are created over time by natural elements like wind, rain, sand, and sea, making each piece different from the next. They are often collected for artistic purposes and as decorative elements due to their intriguing appearance.In various desert landscapes, such as in California, the cholla skeleton is harvested and sandblasted to clean them up, revealing their natural beauty. These skeletons are also used as a sustainable alternative to real cacti in decorative items like hide-outs for reptiles or for mixed media artworks. The cholla cactus skeleton provides an authentic touch of nature, perfect for those looking to incorporate elements of the desert environment into their surroundings.