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Grapevine - Hollow Planters

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Hollow grapevine planters are a beautiful and functional addition to any garden or indoor space. These planters are available in various sizes and designs, including rectangular and medium sizes. The planters are typically made from recycled wood materials, such as reclaimed pine wood from recycled pallets, adding an eco-friendly element to your gardening setup.

Some grapevine planters come with self-watering features, making plant care easier and helping to keep your plants healthy and strong. These planters can serve as excellent centerpieces when decorated with mosses, florals, succulents, or air plants. The hollow areas in some grapevine planters can be filled with soil or moss to create stunning arrangements.

Whether you are looking to showcase your green thumb indoors or spruce up your outdoor garden, hollow grapevine planters offer a unique and charming way to display your favorite plants. Enjoy the natural beauty of these planters while adding a touch of greenery to your living space